About Happening Moments

About Happening Moments

Shading the precious moments of your life..

HAPPENING MOMENTS Wedding Planners are Ahmedabad based national wedding planners that provide an one stop solution for weddings and special events in India.

We bring equal style and detail to every event consulting, designing & coordinating everything from the venue to the theme; the first dance to the last goodbye .We at Happening Moments work closely with you and your families to develop a wedding that is uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and individual taste. Whether you wish for a small and intimate affair, a large scale royal production, or an exotic destination wedding, we will make your event special and memorable and most importantly one of a kind.

We take pride in our ability to create the perfect experience, blending Indian traditions with current international trends. Our wedding planning services cater to all cultures, budgets, styles and sizes.

Wedding planning and logistics issues can be very challenging for those who try to organize weddings themselves Happening Moments will handle it all!

You can choose to be involved in the planning process as much or as little as you want. With our experience in Indian wedding planning and our extensive network of wedding vendors, we ensure your wedding day is stress free and enjoyable for you and your family.

"It's your day live like a king / Queen,
Lets celebrate your moments with Happening Moments"

Happening Moments

Wedding Communication

One of the most significant and important day in our lives is wedding day. Communication is an important aspect for its success. More often than not it is ignored by most people, leaving this important element of the wedding to chance. Happening Moments. works with you to come up with stylish and innovative way to reach out to your friends and family. Wedding communication involves elements like Invitations, Stationary, Thank You Cards, Save The Date Cards and Wed sites. A Wed site is a digital diary of your wedding details, it is also the easiest way to organize your wedding and keep your guests informed.

Happening Moments

Venue & Location Managment

A venue sets off the mood for the wedding, so when it comes down to selecting the venue for your wedding it is important that the venue reflects your personality and style. Perfect location for your dream wedding could be at a beach during sunset, beautiful church or traditional palace and we make it happen for you. We offer you various suggestions for the venue that sets as the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life. We co-ordinate with venues and get you the best deal possible. Negotiation & management of the venue is also handled by us.

Happening Moments


Make your special day unforgettable for people attending the wedding with indulging food. We help you with selecting a menu that has a fine balance of Indian feasts and global cuisine that will delight the palate of your guests. For your sweet-tooth indulge in wide variety of mouth-watering gourmet desserts. Beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic can be served; having your own signature cocktail menu will add a personalized touch to the celebrations.

Most scrumptious food would look unappetizing without apt presentation, thus is important to make sure that you have the best food with festive presentation to make your wedding stand out. We also make sure that your wedding cake is an extension of your wedding celebrations.

Happening Moments


Every bride and groom deserves to look their very best on their special day. We make sure that every aspect of your styling and your wedding party is taken care of. Your trousseau for every function should reflect on the mood and the festivities of each ceremony. Wedding attire will be a part of your heritage in form of family heirloom, thus it is an important aspect of the wedding.

Our team will work with you right from helping you select your wedding trousseau, appointing hair and make-up professionals, managing your designer appointments to following up with them ensuring that there are no last-minute minute oversights. We help both the bride and the groom to look their very best on their wedding day.

Happening Moments


We ensure that your wedding day goes as smooth as possible. Weddings are a grand affair and there are a lot of important licenses and permissions that need to be procured, we provide you necessary council and help you acquire the required permits. All the technical aspects and necessary legal formalities are taken care of.

On-site security is important to deal with gate-crashers or any other emergencies. We also have a special team of professionals who manage any unforeseen circumstances on site.

Happening Moments

Honeymoon Packages

A romantic stroll cherishing culturally rich cities with your partner, or walking hand in hand on a secluded beach, or an adventurous holiday relishing nature, whatever is your choice of a perfect honeymoon we make it happen. At Happening Moments., honeymoon planning is a part of our post-wedding services.

We ensure that your honeymoon is as magical and memorable as your wedding. A honeymoon that will leave you in awe and create memories that will last for a lifetime. We help you select your dream honeymoon destination and plan your itinerary to maximize the fun and excitement of your romantic get away.

Happening Moments

Design and Decor

Design and decor of the venue can transform the look and the feel of the entire event. Here at Happening Moments, our designers ensure that the decor is not only elegant but also complimenting the venue. The aim is to transform and transcend your vision into an awe-inspiring reality. We at Happening Moments. specialize in giving you exactly what you want, so whether it's an elaborate set design, a traditional marquee, an exquisite centerpiece or a simple and elegant floral decor, you want we provide it to you.

What we do?

  • Theme weddings decor
  • Signature Weddings decor
  • Thematic dining concepts
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Flower decor & designs
  • Lighting design
  • Tenting Design

Happening Moments

Guest Management

Managing the guests can be a daunting task even for the most organized so we ensure that your guests are taken care of and assisted to. We track RSVPs of your guests so you can focus on other important details. Right from their arrival to departure and everything in between is handled by us.

We help you arrange accommodation for your guests, taking care that every need is met with. We also make sure that your guests' itinerary has a wide range of entertainment options apart from the excitement of the wedding ceremonies. Our aim is to give your guests an overall pleasurable experience and a wedding that they will remember for their lifetime.

Happening Moments


Having entertainment options will make your wedding a memorable experience for your guests. Entertainment that is engaging for your guests, making them an integral part of your celebrations. You can have your favorite celebrity perform at your wedding or add the glamour quotient to your wedding celebrations by their presence.

Happening Moments helps you hire the very best entertainers for your pre-wedding functions and the wedding; entertainers include DJs, bartenders, choreographers and wedding bands to make your wedding a distinguished event.

Happening Moments


So you've popped the question and she said yes? It is time to share this important announcement with rest of the world. Celebrate the start of your romantic journey in style with our help.

A couple makes their commitment official to their friends and family in this beautiful ceremony. Having a ring ceremony it is important to consider whether you want it to be intimate with closest friends and family or an extravagant ceremony.

Happening Moments. looks after all the necessary arrangement so that you don't miss out on any detail.

Happening Moments


Mehendi is an auspicious pre-wedding ritual for any Indian bride. India is a vast country with varied customs and traditions but the ritual of Mehendi is celebrated pretty much the same in all the cultures and religions. Beautiful Mehendi designs symbolizing love are put on the brides hands by professional henna artists.

Happening Moments. understands the importance of traditional ceremonies, so we maintain the true essence of the tradition and add a modern twist to it. Mehendi is defined by singing, dancing, food and fun. Happening Moments. aims to make your Mehendi a spectacular event handling every aspect of it.

Happening Moments


Out of all the ceremonies and functions in an Indian wedding, sangeet is the most vivacious and fun-filled pre-wedding function. The bride and grooms friends and family share a good-natured banter in the Sangeet ceremony. A couple's journey is portrayed in form of skits and dances by their closest friends and family, choreography being a huge part of the occasion.

Sangeet is a memorable event for the couple filled with light moments, so it is important that the event stands out and leaves you with reminiscent memories. We handle everything from venue, decor, food, choreography so that you can sit back and enjoy your special day.

Happening Moments

Theme Celebration

Incorporating a theme brings excitement not only for the couple, but also the guests attending. It adds a new dimension to the celebrations. Themed weddings / celebrations are becoming more and more popular these days. Finding theme wedding ideas that aren't overdone, is becoming harder and harder. At Happening Moments, We give theme weddings a newer and fresher feel. From save the date cards to venue decor ideas -- themed center pieces to wedding seating chart ideas -- we help your preferred themed wedding come together.

You can choose to restrict your theme to just one function or let it flow across all the wedding functions in order to give the entire occasion a more uniform look and feel.

We also organise full-fledged events designed around a theme, so if you want a Casino Night or a Retro Themed Celebration, we will bring all the associated elements together and make sure that your guests have a night that they will never forget.

Happening Moments

Photography / Video

A wedding day is always remembered fondly by photographs and wedding videos, thus capturing true essence of the wedding day is important. A couple goes to great lengths to make sure that their wedding day is just as envisioned, so we make sure that every emotion is captured beautifully. It is important that the wedding photos and videos capture the love and festivities of the celebration.

Happening Moments. understanding the importance of wedding photos, teams up with a special team of Photographers & Cinematographers who have a personalized approach to each wedding capturing candid moments.

Happening Moments

Destination Wedding

"India has been a world known tourist destination for decades now however it has emerged as a Wedding destination only a few year earlier"

Though there is a vast choice of destinations from Beach Holiday spots, Hill Stations, Jungle Safaris to centuries old Palaces & Forts, logistically there are few very popular options like Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Overseas couples looking for a holiday cum wedding would surely find some exciting locations which would work as per their convenience, taste & budget.

Giving your guests time to savor the place will make your wedding a memorable experience; Happening Moments also helps you plan an itinerary that will involve a mix of Entertainment and Sightseeing for you and your guests.

Happening Moments specializes in planning destination weddings in India and abroad. We understand that beauty lies in detail and therefore we make sure that no detail of wedding planning is overlooked.

Happening Moments


Planning an entire wedding can be an overwhelming task even for the most organized. Juggling between planning your dream wedding and your day to day commitments can be a lot to handle and extremely stressful. While planning a wedding, the couple and their families often aren't able to fully enjoy the occasion. Hiring a wedding planner takes that burden off your shoulders so that the most important days of your life are as stress free as possible.
A wedding planner will help you plan all your wedding functions, take care of your guests' requirements, manage the plethora of vendors and suppliers and ensure that all things are in order at the right times.

Happening Moments is a team of wedding designers based in Gujarat, India. Happening Moments looks after each and every detail of wedding planning. We consult, plan, design and coordinate all areas of the wedding. We work with you right from Proposal planning to Honeymoon planning, Stationary selection, Managing appointments with Trousseau Designers, Venue suggestion, Event-day management and anything in between. Happening Moments aims to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Happening Moments is a premier wedding planning service provider based out of Gujarat, India. Happening Moments aims to maintain the true essence of traditional ceremonies, while at the same time adding modern and contemporary aesthetics. Happening Moments treats every wedding as it deserves to be treated, with a personal touch and utmost care. We believe that it is your day and it should turn out exactly how you’ve dreamt it to be.

Not necessarily. Happening Moments aims to create/plan your dream wedding within your budget. We offer you various alternatives so that planning your dream wedding can be budget friendly. Our extensive vendor network helps you get the best possible deal, Always.
At Happening Moments, we understand that you've worked hard for your money and that every penny is important to you. That's why its also important for us to give you the best possible deal. There is now, no reason for your dreams to be out of reach.

Happening Moments helps you save time, money and most importantly hassle of dealing with small but important details. We look after everything from arrangements for Sangeet, Mehendi, Weddings, to Design and Décor, Accommodation of guests, Honeymoon planning etc. Happening Moments also specializes in providing Destination Wedding Planning Services and Themed Events. We also offer stand-alone wedding services. We will help you with any aspect of wedding planning that you desire. We also can design a package of wedding planning services around your specific needs.

Weddings over the last few years often have two different cultures coming together to form a strong bond. We here at Happening Moments seamlessly try to combine the traditions into one incredible and meaningful ceremony. Happening Moments caters to all religions. We understand that every religion has its own sets of rituals and other small nuances that need to be taken care of.

Happening Moments will be happy to assist with any and all aspects of wedding planning. Ideally a wedding planner should be hired as soon as you decide to get married so that your wedding planner is as committed as you are at all stages. You decide how much or how little to involve us.

Themes add elegance to an already extravagant and lavish celebration. A good theme can makes the wedding more memorable, special and unique. Theme Weddings are generally more complex to organize and often require professional help. Themes can add elements of fun and elegance to any celebration. It also helps bind together the various celebrations with related styles, decor and food. It can be as simple as choosing your favorite color for design and décor or a theme based on your favorite place in the world or that grandiose childhood fantasy you always had. Happening Moments specializes in creating Theme décor for various wedding functions.

Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an exotic twist to their special occasion. Well executed Destination Weddings can not only be cost effective when compared to traditional weddings. They can also turn your wedding day into an unforgettable vacation for you and your guests. Happening Moments specializes in providing Destination Wedding planning services in India and abroad.

Destination Weddings can be difficult to organize and manage all by yourself. Happening Moments helps you plan and coordinate your destination wedding right from travel and accommodation to itinerary planning and guest management, in addition to all the other related wedding services.

Happening Moments believes that it's your wedding and it should remain yours. Your wedding should be an extension of your likes, dislikes, preferences and lifestyle. We try to interpret your vision into an awe inspiring reality. Happening Moments offers you consultation at every stage so that when you decide, you decide knowing all the facts and all the angles.

At Happening Moments, we believe that it is essential to capture your most important day in the best way possible through Photographs and Wedding Videos. All the efforts you put in to plan the perfect wedding can come to naught if the right emotions aren't captured for you to revisit in the days, months and years following them.

Happening Moments

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